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Chocolate: friend or foe slimming?

It is one of our favorite foods, but when we crack, we feel guilty… Rightly or wrongly?

Sensual delicacy long cataloged as "guilty pleasure", chocolate has been rehabilitated for its health benefits, especially on the morale, the brain, and even the heart. But if it pleases our taste buds, for the line, it is not as obvious because it all depends on the type of chocolate ... and the dose!

Chocolate: friend or foe slimming?

Very different chocolates

We can consider that chocolate is potentially dangerous for the figure when you are more addicted to white (no cocoa but a maximum of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk matter): a small energy bomb and zero health benefits put apart from a hint of calcium. Same thing when you taste it stuffed with praline like Easter chocolates or rocks (a bonus of fat and superfluous sugar), or even give in to the multiple marketing temptations of the confectionery department: caramelized almond tablets, speculoos, crêpes lace, puffed rice, caramel, marshmallow, and other sweets, without forgetting the offers declined by the big brands like Nutella, Kit Kat and other Bounty or Mars: good (too) little cocoa, but an astronomical amount of fat often animal or even palm oil, and sugars! And finally, not much to do with real chocolate!

How to make it "compatible" with thinness?

The major risk is overconsumption: we deprive ourselves of it on a daily basis, and we swallow a whole tablet a day of stress or fatigue, which generally brings a bonus of around 550 kcal (per 100g), so half of our energy needs for the day! Nothing like it to put his line in danger… but also to blame himself and to sink the morale. The most common - effective - trick is therefore rather eat a little each day (i.e. 2-3 squares) to have fun and avoid frustration, without feeling guilty and for low energy intake. It is better to avoid chocolates that are too fancy, ultra-rich, and to prefer dark chocolate, even very dark (more than 70%, up to more than 95%), because the richer it is in cocoa, the more it is recommended for health and line. But if really, we do not like it, we can opt for the "milk" version because on less than 20 grams, the caloric difference, on a few squares, will not be very important and it would be a shame to eat it without satisfaction.

In this case, we can also look for a "milk" rich enough in cocoa (around 40%). The good moment? With coffee at the end of the meal for those who need to "finish on sweet" (it's even better if it replaces the sugar in the espresso!), Or at the end of the afternoon, for offering a little gourmet break that is good for morale when fatigue arrives. It is therefore recommended to enjoy it with a few nuts, hazelnuts or almonds (apart rather than integrated into the tablet, not roasted or caramelized or salted), fresh fruit to chew on and a drink: this makes for a pleasant and safe snack for the silhouette, which will avoid cravings at the end of the day, which are usually devastating ...

Antioxidant, slimming ally ... The unsuspected beauty properties of cocoa

As a nourishing balm for the body, as a regenerating mask for the face, or as an anti-cellulite treatment ... Cocoa is also used in cosmetics for its many powers on the skin. An expert reveals all of her beauty benefits and how to use it to make her own homemade recipes.

How to choose?

See an example The most "raw" and without superfluous ingredients possible, available in tablets or mini-sachets of a square (perfect for those who tend to let go and eat more than they should). Cocoa mass should be the main ingredient in black. We avoid palm oil or corn sugar, for example. And when you eat little, you can buy very good from a great chocolatier ... enough to increase your pleasure!