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The chocolate diet. And yes ladies, there is!

Chocolate ... melted, square, powdered in your milk. This aphrodisiac delight, this incredible anti-stress, the one that reassures you when things are not going well, is not as bad as you think. Are you afraid of being deprived of it by dieting and you no longer want to give in to temptation by being afraid of gaining weight? All things considered, at that point, you have gone to the perfect spot. YES, the chocolate diet exists, and NO, you are not dreaming!

The chocolate diet And yes ladies, there is!

The principle of this gourmet diet

The principle of this diet is to play on dietetics, but while taking a little pleasure from time to time so as not to succumb to the most tenacious temptations.

It is comforting, creamy, melting ... (oops! We get lost.) Eating chocolate alone makes you fat for sure, especially if the call of choco makes our eyes sparkle, our taste buds shiver, martyrs us and prevents us to be reasonable. But if it is combined with fiber (such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), then it's the jackpot! In fact, fibers delay the absorption of sugars and fats and allow you to lose weight.

It is very important to respect the daily dose which is 10g / day and not to eat it in the evening because the body will not have time to burn this energy.

So ladies, happy?


In addition to morale, the plan has many other benefits.

What a shame to deprive yourself of it when it does so much good! Chocolate is a perfect anti-stress, it lowers blood pressure, it is good during pregnancy, it is an excellent antioxidant and it is good for cholesterol. It is rich in magnesium, (30g of chocolate covers 10% of the recommended intake), in flavonoids (antioxidant properties which are cardiovascular protection), as well as in iron and other antioxidants.

Too many people remove it from their diet for fear that it will make them fat. But it's like everything, just don't overdo it.


Too much chocolate kills chocolate! And yes, eating too much chocolate will make you fat, it's indisputable. It is unfortunately one of those foods for which we fall in love and which we absolutely do not manage: "Come on, go ahead, it's not a little bit of chocolate that will make me fat eh."

But learning to control yourself is possible, even if it is difficult. You just have to be willing.

A typical day

Breakfast :

- 1 bowl of skim milk with 2 teaspoons of chocolate powder, with or without sweetener

- 30 g of bread (1/8 of baguette)

- 10 g of butter

- 1 0% yogurt with or without sweetener

- 1 fruit

(Breakfast can be replaced twice a week by replacing hot chocolate with a croissant or chocolate bread alone)

Lunch :

- unlimited raw vegetables with a tablespoon of oil, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice

- 125g of lean meat or fish or 2 eggs or tofu

- unlimited steamed vegetables

- 5 g of fat or 1 tablespoon of oil

- 1 0% yogurt with or without sweetener or 25 g of cheese at 50% mg

- 1 fruit (150 g)

To taste :

- 1 tea, coffee, herbal tea

- 4 squares of dark or milk chocolate (20g) (but without hazelnut, pecan nuts, puffed rice, etc ...)

Having dinner :

- Unlimited soup or raw vegetables with a tablespoon of oil, balsamic vinegar or lemon juice

- 125g of lean meat or fish or 2 eggs or tofu

- 100g cooked starchy foods

- unlimited steamed vegetables in case of hunger

- 5g of fat or 1 tablespoon of oil

- 1 0% yogurt with or without sweetener or 25g of cheese at 50% mg

- 1 fruit (150g)

- 4 chocolate squares (20g).

Note: you can eat your starchy foods at noon OR in the evening, it's your way!

Is it right for you?

Just the word "chocolate" makes you crave, but you know how to stay reasonable? You are greedy but just what you need? Do you want to lose weight while having fun? Then this diet is perfect for you!