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What is the chocolate diet?

Have you ever heard of the "chocolate diet"? Two words at odds at first sight. And yet many nutritionists recommend it as part of a balanced diet. Perceived as an object of desire by women who watch their line, dark chocolate, in addition to being good for morale, would be a slimming ally.

What is the chocolate diet?
White Chocolate


For those who want to lose weight without frustration. Because when you watch your line, it's important to have fun without jumping on the first Nutella-Speculoos cupcake. There is no reason to ban chocolate from our diet. We can consume it while keeping the diet side. In addition, it has comforting and de-stressing properties.


On the basis of a balanced diet, it is advisable to consume about 20 grams of dark chocolate per day, which is equivalent to about 3 squares. With a coffee after lunch or at the end of a meal in the evening, this small dose of chocolate fills the cravings for sweetness and comfort. Dark chocolate has an anti-depressant effect because it secretes endorphins and serotonin which calm anxiety drives and in some cases, bulimic drives.


White and milk chocolates contain more sugars than dark. "The amount of added sugar is inversely proportional to the cocoa content of chocolate," writes Catherine Chegrani-Conan. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa will, therefore, contain 30% sugar. However, dark chocolate contains more cocoa butter and therefore more lipids. But Anne-Laure Meunier, nutritionist, reassures: "These saturated fats are assimilated as monounsaturated fats, which are found in particular in olive oil. Clearly, these are good fats: you can, therefore, go for dark chocolate with 70% cocoa and more. Afraid that one square will call another? Frédéric Saldmann has shown that dark chocolate containing 100% cocoa acts as an appetite suppressant: "This effect is linked to a decrease in ghrelin, a hormone is known to play a role in triggering appetite, ”he wrote. In addition, its taste and saturating substance cause a feeling of satiety, unlike milk chocolate which often leads to excessive snacking.


Dark chocolate is therefore a boost that helps to cope with physical and psychological slack during a diet. In addition to cheering us up, dark chocolate is good for your health. Several studies have actually shown that if you eat two squares a day, your blood pressure goes down.


Watch out for crackles! Just because you can savor a few grams of dark chocolate every day doesn't mean you have to let go of EVERYTHING that contains chocolate. We forget about brownies, cookies and other sweets.