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How do they make white chocolate

 How do you make white chocolate?

Creating perfect chocolate is an art, and only seasoned chocolatiers can get the famous flavor of white chocolate.

They gently melt cocoa butter to which they add milk powders, sugar, and other ingredients to arrive at ideal white chocolate.

Some chocolatiers add spices, such as ginger or cinnamon, to make white chocolate richer and more intense.

How do they make white chocolate

For an extraordinary white chocolate

White chocolate is becoming the trending flavor. Since most chocolate treats consist of milk and dark chocolate, white stands out for its special side.

Top chefs use white chocolate to sweeten their desserts more. A dash of cardamom can be added to white chocolate cupcakes. Or garnish white chocolate truffles with pink pepper or saffron.

What is white chocolate made of? Simply explained

If you're wondering what white chocolate is made of, you should also ask yourself if white chocolate is chocolate at all. We have answers to both questions.

White chocolate - that's in it

At the beginning of each chocolate is the cocoa bean.

When the cocoa mass is pressed, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are produced.

These two components become chocolate when you add milk, sugar, and cream. The relationship between cocoa butter and cocoa powder determines whether it becomes light or dark candy.

In the case of white chocolate, cocoa powder is completely dispensed with. It, therefore, consists of cocoa butter, milk, cream, and sugar. At least 20 percent of cocoa butter must be contained in the white chocolate, according to the regulation.

Is white chocolate even chocolate?

In Germany, there is a regulation for everything - including when chocolate can be called chocolate.

What wants to call itself chocolate must consist of at least 35 percent cocoa mass in Germany. This is regulated by the Cocoa Ordinance.

The amount of cocoa mass alone is not enough. The ratio is also predetermined. It must contain at least 14 percent cocoa powder and at least 18 percent cocoa butter.

Since white chocolate does not contain cocoa powder at all, it is not chocolate at all by German standards.

Where does white chocolate come from?

A white layer on the chocolate does NOT pose a health risk, but it can affect the taste. There are two possible reasons for a white layer on chocolate: sugar bloom or fat bloom. Fat bloom occurs when the cocoa butter separates from the other ingredients. This happens when the chocolate melts and solidifies again. Sugar bloom is much less common and occurs when the sugar separates from the other ingredients. This can happen if the chocolate gets damp, for example, if it is carried home in heavy rain. Most of the time, fat or sugar bloom occurs when stored incorrectly in the store. We, therefore, recommend that you contact the seller or bring the chocolate back there.

How to thin melted white chocolate?

Normal chocolate for glazing has the advantage that it simply tastes delicious, not like cake glaze. But it's true: it's pretty and if you're not careful, it gets spotty or sticks.

If you observe the following, you get her really nice and she will be shiny and hard:

First, heat 2/3 of the chocolate in the water bath, chop the remaining third with a knife and pull under the melted chocolate, stir until the pieces have melted and immediately cover the cake (or cookies, chocolates).

Keep the chocolate warm in the water bath until you have consumed it, but do not let it get hot any more. It must not become hotter than hand warm, otherwise, it gets white stripes or dots after cooling. And don't let water drops fall in, otherwise, it will immediately become hard and useless.