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How to grate chocolate

Hi Good People! Do you know how to grate chocolate perfectly? Today, we will share the tips just for you. Let's get started. 

Chocolate easier to rub

You need grated chocolate in a lot of baking recipes. But rubbing the chocolate is usually time-consuming and does not always work very well. In this article I would like to give you a few tips so that you don't have to go without your delicious chocolate cake:

How to grate chocolate - grated chocolate

Devices for rubbing chocolate

Household tips - ChocolateGrandma's potato grater is traditionally and happily used - but the onerous work doesn't solve the problem with the lubricating fingers. The head of Tupper's meal is mentioned again and again. With this device, you simply insert the piece of chocolate into the device, operate the crank, and in the collecting compartment, you get excellent rasp. Tip: can also be used for cheese, nuts, and potatoes.

Alternatively, kitchen machines with different attachments are still suitable. An example is provided by the Krups Speedy Pro – not only chocolate can be rattled nicely. For a variety of kitchen dishes, these kitchen machines make work easier.

Household tips to make chocolate easier to rub

If you don't want to buy an additional device, you will certainly find this tip useful: Leave chocolate at room temperature for a time, then cut off fine strips with a sharp knife on the longest side. These crumbly stripes look like light sprinkles and make themselves very nice on desserts and pasta.

To make chocolate easier to rub, put the bar in the freezer for about 1 hour. Because if it's really hard, it's much better to rattle it and get your hands dirty quite so quickly. We love grated chocolate.

Report tip - Grated chocolate

Sometimes you have chocolate in the house, but you need grated chocolate. You can work them/rasp them with a grater or break them into small pieces and then stuff them in a sack and work with the hammer. The first can be painful if you don't pay attention well, the other is loud and goes to the ears/nerves!? In addition, I have had the experience when rasping, that the chocolate melts faster between the fingers than one is dear & one always licks your fingers "must", which is also delicious because I like chocolate.

No, it's different.

I made the chocolate small with the weighing knife for parsley until it was as fine as I needed it. Doesn't last long and the big advantage of my fingertips is still on it and in the finely made chocolate, is certainly only chocolate.

Of course, you can also use a food processor but that's too easy for me or even too loud. I love grated chocolate.

Now that we know how to grate chocolate perfectly.  We hope this article can is useful for you. Thank you and stay safe.