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How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies That Don T Go Flat

Ideal us-style cookies are XL size, round and almost finger-thick, richly loaded with nuts, dried fruit or chocolate, and at most somewhat crispy on the edge. The American calls the mouthfeel "chewy" – the biscuit must be soft and still a little bit doughy. So how do you get biscuits like those in the US?

How to make chocolate chip cookies that don't go flat

Well, for example, by completely forgetting my mother's original German and health-conscious approach to baking ("You can always take a third less sugar") ... Yes, cookies contain impressive amounts of sugar and if you really resist, you should, for example, bake banana whole-grain biscuits and completely forget American recipes. Seriously: as simple as the recipes for cookies appear, you can still do so much wrong. Some tips for good luck (after many years of own experience and hints from the cookie section of Sally's Baking Addiction) I have listed below. So that you can succeed in the beautiful chewy USA cookies!

Cookies like from the USA - the right ingredients

Brown sugar makes moist and soft biscuits, white sugar makes them rather crispy. Therefore, do not exchange brown sugar for white sugar in the ingredients and do not reduce the amount of sugar. Brown sugar lasts forever, so don't be afraid to buy a bag - and use it, for example, for fruit crumbles with sprinkles or for cinnamon rolls if you're not just baking cookies.

To further increase the Chewy factor, you can swap a tablespoon of flour for a tablespoon of starch or melt the butter – both are not necessarily necessary.

Many cookie recipes use both soda (baking soda) and baking powder. Do NOT give up the soda if possible: it has its own, somewhat metallic taste, neutralizes the acidity in the baking powder, and also pushes the biscuits up a bit.

The right preparation for original US cookies

Stir in the butter and sugar thoroughly creamy.  Unresolved sugar crystals make the pastry crispy.

Keep the cooling time for the dough. Soft, warm dough melts much wider in the oven – in other words, the biscuits become thinner and crispier. Also, a bit of starch in the dough (see above) prevents the wide running. Keksteig can survive one to two days in the refrigerator without any problems and can then be bake finely.  What is also possible: Freezes cookie dough balls and bakes them frozen, then (yes by size) one to three minutes longer than indicated.

The perfect baking time for USA biscuits

Baking for too long makes the cookies dry and hard. It is correct if the biscuits still look doughy after the specified baking time and are lightly browned at most on the edge and bottom. Presumably, they are even too brittle to take them off the sheet immediately. No problem: After five minutes of cooling ON the sheet, they can be lifted with a spatula onto rust, where they can cool completely.

What is the best way to store US cookies?

The soft Chewy cookies taste the best fresh. If there is anything left: Keep biscuits best separated from the variety – the soft in an airtight container (plastic tin), the crispy in a porcelain biscuit tin, or similar with a not quite dense lid.