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What is chocolate liquor made of

Chocolate liqueur is something for lovers of cocoa beans.

Chocolate liqueur is considered to be extremely versatile, as it can be drunk both pure and is very important for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks as well as for baking and cooking. For this purpose, there are both white as well as dark or brown chocolate grains. Of course, chocolate lovers are primarily enthusiastic about the chocolate grain, because the delicately melting taste of the chocolate makes every chocolate grain virtually irresistible. The alcohol content varies between 15%vol. and 35%vol.

The taste of chocolate is often combined with mint, for example at Minttu or At Is Egal liqueur. The Mozart Black Dark Chocolate Liqueur and the Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur are very strong cocoa-heavy liqueurs, which are also excellent for baking. From the brands Mozart, Szene, and Dooley's we also offer white chocolate grains. Chocolate grains are pure or as mixed drinks a real treat.

what is chocolate liquor made of

What's in the liqueur?

Liqueurs can consist of different ingredients, but all liqueurs have four basic ingredients. On the one hand, the sugar is, then water and alcohol follow, and finally, the respective extracts are added, and the drink is finished with certain alcohol content.

In the many different types of liqueurs, a whole range of aromatic substances from plants and fruits can be used. In addition, there are distillates made from juices, essential oils, and many other substances: that's why there are liqueurs that are very creamy, while other brands taste particularly bitter.

However, most liqueurs are secret recipes. Some recipes consist of more than 130 different substances. It is very difficult to develop an extract yourself. A lot of patience and experience is needed for this.

Tip: If the taste is to be improved, the drink simply needs to be stored. In this way, liqueurs can develop their entire aroma properly.

Various drinks

In Germany, the so-called semi-bitter liqueurs are a popular variant of the drink, but egg liqueurs and cream liqueurs are also popular. In each price category there are several brands, the most expensive liqueur in the world from the Distilleria Russo costs 31 million euros per bottle. Due to the sugar content, liqueurs are also often used in the kitchen: a classic crepes Suzette, for example, is flambéed with the drink.

Cocktails with liqueur

The cocktail mixtures once again express the versatility of liqueurs. Depending on the aroma, there are creamy-sweet to sour variants. Like the "Kamikaze": For this mixed drink you need five centiliters of vodka, two centiliters of bitter orange liqueur, two centiliters of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and two centiliters of Lime Juice. Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, then the cocktail is placed through a sieve into a long drink glass with fresh ice.