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Curiosity with Cocoa: How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Cat?

Hi, Good People, how’s life? Hopefully, you’re doing fine.

Good People, surely, you know some of the many sweetest things in the world. Not just your little children, chocolate, and cats also count. However, bear in mind of this fact: curiosity kills the cat, and so does chocolate. How come?

how much chocolate can kill a cat
Photo by Vadim B
How much chocolate can kill a cat? Before we find out more, check out the reasons why chocolate is not for your feline friends at home.

Inside the Cocoa

There are two ingredients contained in the cocoa that are dangerous for animals, including cats:

1.     Caffeine

If your cat digests this, be prepared for some unpleasant health symptoms that it suffers from:

-       Diarrhea

-       Vomiting

-       Excessive thirst and urination

-       Rising body temperature

-       Increased reflexes

-       Rigid muscles

-       Hyperventilation (breathing hard and fast)

-       Nausea

-       Anxiety and hyperactivity

-       Increased heart rate

-       Seizures

-       Low blood pressure

Worst of all, chocolate can get your cat into a coma. If you do not bring your cat to the vet right away, it can die.

2.     Theobromine

This plant alkaloid has been proven toxic to animals, especially your furry pet. Cats are much smaller than humans, so it does not take much to intoxicate one with this chemical form. Theobromine may also cause similar health problems as caffeine does. So, you can imagine just how much chocolate can kill a cat.

But, How Much is Too Much for Your Kitty?

Some say it depends on how much your cat weighs. This also depends on your cat’s age and its daily diet. Besides that, the chocolate forms also matter. For example, if your cat weighs ten pounds, one small square baking chocolate can already harm it.

Either way, make sure that your kitty does not even have a lick on a piece of any chocolate. Even a small amount can already make it sick.

What Happens If Your Cat Eats Chocolate by Accident?

 If your cat cannot help but try it, first things first – get it to the vet, immediately. If you are not professional healthcare for pets, do not try to induce vomiting all by yourself. Let your vet do that.

Through the vet’s blood and urine tests, you can see how much chocolate your cat has sneakily eaten. Various medications may be advised, depending on how badly the overdose is. From your part after the medication, keep your cat hydrated with fresh water. Feed it with bland food, like a boiled chicken with rice as most recommended.

Now you know how much chocolate can kill a cat, Good People. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, your cat is always in good health.