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How Much Caffeine Is in Hot Chocolate

Hello, good people! How have you been? As winter is approaching, nothing can beat the coziness of occupying our hands around a hot and comforting cup of hot chocolate. Some people finger chocolate rather than coffee, believing that hot chocolate is innocent in terms of caffeine content.

"Does hot chocolate have caffeine?" If this question never occurs to you, well, many are the same. To tell the truth, caffeine is contained in a hot chocolate, the same way as coffee and tea. The real question is how much caffeine is in hot chocolate?

how much caffeine is in hot chocolate
Photo by Frans Van Heerden

Read on to learn how much caffeine is in hot chocolate compared to java.

1.     Numbers of Caffeine in Hot Chocolate

If coffee keeps us awake and buzzing, well first, let's calm ourselves down because hot chocolate doesn't contain caffeine as much as coffee does. The caffeine level is very much low. So, how much caffeine is in hot chocolate?

A cup of hot chocolate carries five to eight milligrams of caffeine while a cup of coffee serves 96 milligrams. The numbers, of course, vary by ingredients, brands, and how much do you consume the treat.

To get more ideas of how much caffeine is actually in some beverages, we have a comparison for you. Espresso contains 95 milligrams, latte or mocha takes in 63-126 milligrams, black tea has 245-48 milligrams, and Pepsi has 63 of milligrams caffeine.

2.     Is Chocolate Healthier that Any Drinks With Caffeine?

When comparing the caffeine level, hot chocolate indeed contains the lowest grade of decaf. However, that fact not necessarily means that chocolate is healthier than coffee or tea. We should consider a large amount of sugar in it rather than how much caffeine is in hot chocolate.

A cup of hot chocolate contains 50 to 90 grams of sugar – 50 grams of sugar is equal to twelve teaspoons. Studies say that the maximum sugar amount for men should eat in a day is 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons, while for women, the recommended numbers are 25 grams or 6 teaspoons.

So, if we consume more sugar than our body needs, be sure to exercise, drink a lot of water, and stay hydrated.

It is nice to share good info with you all, good people. Now that we know how much caffeine is in hot chocolate, the minimal compound won't give you difficulty to fall asleep. See you on the next journey of a chocolate session.