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How Much Dark Chocolate Should You Eat a Day?

Hi good people! Staying well, safe, and healthy during this pandemic is tremendously important, don’t you agree? Catherine Aitken once said “Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.” Referring to that quote, we probably need chocolate more than we usually consume before the pandemic. However, how much dark chocolate should you eat a day?

If you are curious as much as we do, we have some useful info for you about how much dark chocolate should you eat a day.

how much dark chocolate should you eat a day
Photo by Oriana Ortiz

1)    The Daily Recommended Amount

Surely, we love chocolate and wish to break off two or more squares. But knowing the perfect amount and being aware that we are not consuming too many calories is totally important.

First, it is necessary to know that dark chocolate is much healthier than the other type like milk or white. A small dose of dark chocolate is proven to be effective to decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke by nearly 40 percent. Quite a number isn’t it?

But again, how much dark chocolate should you eat a day? Now that we know this black sweet treat is somewhat healthy, it still contains a great deal of calories. E.g. from 100-gram bar of 85 percent dark chocolate, attains about 600 calories, 450 of which are made from fat.

Being aware that 100 grams is a plenty amount, indulge in a smaller dose. The recommended amount on how much dark chocolate should you eat a day is more or less one to two ounces or approximately 30 to 60 grams.

To give you a clearer picture, 1.45 ounces or 41 grams dark chocolate bar carries 190 calories. As to a medium-size raw apple, they take in 95 calories. If you consume more than 100 grams, heavy exercise is needed to burn off the calories. 

2)    Healthy Reasons Why You Should Go Dark Chocolate

Besides being good for your heart as we already mentioned above, dark chocolate give you more reasons to vote for them. They can benefit to your brain thanks to the neural activity stimulation once you take a bite. This stimulation can decrease stress and improve your mood.

Studies also show that dark chocolate can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and improve blood sugar. Sounds like the best and easiest way to deal with your blood sugar, right?

Another part of your body that loves dark chocolate is your skin. Yes, you heard it right. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, significant amounts of minerals magnesium and copper, making it the best antioxidant you could have.

It is great to know how much dark chocolate should you eat a day and skip the exhausting physical exercise to burn off the calories for being too much eating those dark bars. Take a recommended amount of chocolate and let’s be healthier and prettier!