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How to Melt Chocolate Chips

Hello, Good People. How is your day? If you are ready for the weekend, don’t forget sweet treats for your family at home. Surely, your little ones will adore chocolate chips. If they want something new, melting them sounds like an idea.

How to melt chocolate chips? Believe it that there are more than one ways to do so. Before you decide to start an experiment, check out some of these options below.

how to melt chocolate chips
Photo by Henry Becerra 

What is the Best Way to Melt Chocolate?

Before we go to chocolate chips, let’s start from the basics. How to make the chocolate melt? Is there the best way to melt it?

Surprise, surprise. It turns out that melting chocolate is easier said than done. If you leave it too long, your chocolate will not turn into the perfect liquid you might imagine. It will burn. Even a few seconds count. If you do not melt it long enough, you will not get the liquid chocolate that you want.

There are two ways to melt chocolate (not just the chippie version of it). The most famous one is with a microwave. We will get there later. Let’s start with knowing how to melt chocolate on the stovetop.

Melting chocolate on the stovetop

This method is more preferred since it is more accessible. Not many people own a microwave at home. Plus, using a microwave may use up a lot of electricity in some homes.

The best thing about melting chocolate this way is you get to control the heat. The simmering water will steam, which will help the chocolate to melt slowly. That way, your chocolate will not burn. You get to watch and enjoy the process as well.

For a double boiler, bring a medium-sized pot. Fill it with a little half of water so it can simmer. Have a heatproof bowl on top of the pot. Make sure the bowl is big enough, so it will not get stuck deep in the pot. Then add some chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bar into the bowl.

With stove heat set to low, start stirring the chocolate with a rubber spatula. Keep doing so until it turns liquid. The liquid has to look silky smooth.

After that, remove the bowl from the double boiler. Wipe the bottom dry with a towel. The last thing you ever want is to let your chocolate liquid come in contact with water. Water will only ruin its texture.

How to Melt Chocolate Chips in the Microwave

What is the best way to melt chocolate chips besides using a stovetop? Microwave is the answer. Although it is faster than the other method, you still need to watch the process carefully. Here are what you need and how to do it:

Things you will need:

-       Chocolate chips (If there are none, you must cut the chocolate into smaller pieces.)

-       Microwave safe bowl

-       Spatula

-       Microwave

Just like with the other method, use a bigger bowl. That way, you will not have to worry about having chocolate spatter everywhere while you are stirring it.

What is the size of the spatula? It depends on how much chocolate you are planning to melt. You can use the mini silicone one if it is not that much. If it is a lot of chocolate, choose the bigger spatula instead. The best thing about spatula is that you get to scrape the chocolate chips once they turn liquid.

How to melt chocolate chips in the microwave:

When it comes to melting the chocolate in the microwave, make sure that the chocolate is cut into smaller pieces first. If it is chocolate chips, it is easier. That way, the microwave will not work so hard as it may do so if the chocolate is still in a big lump instead of in chips.

This is why when it comes to microwave use, chocolate chips are always faster to melt.

Have the chocolate in a heatproof bowl. Place it in the microwave for 30 seconds maximum at a time. Each session, stop to stir the chocolate for a few minutes. If it is chocolate chips, you do not have to put them in the microwave that long. You may only need 20 seconds for that.

When the chocolate starts looking lumpy, don’t put it back into the microwave. Keep stirring as hard as possible until it turns liquid.

To make the texture of the chocolate liquid more smoothly, add a tablespoon of coconut oil before putting it into the microwave. You can also use vegetable oil as an alternative for that. The result is the perfectly consistent chocolate liquid for dipping.

So, how to melt chocolate chips? Now you know two ways to do so, Good People. It is your call to choose which option is more comfortable for you. What matters is that you get the chocolate liquid that you need.

As usual, thank you for sticking around to finish this article, Good People. Now, are you ready to melt some chocolate?