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What Are the Side Effects of Dark Chocolate?

Hi, Good People! Do you know how many carbs in dark chocolate? Some dieters tend to pick the dark chocolate rather than the one that contains milk. Rumor has it that the dark chocolate is lower in calories and not something to blame on the weight increase. 

what are the side effects of dark chocolate
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However, do you think it is true dark chocolate has no responsibility in increasing our weight? The truth is, 30 grams of 90% premium dark chocolate contains around 180 kcal, while 30 grams of dairy milk chocolate might be at least 160 kcal. There is no proof that dark chocolate is good for losing weight. In fact, it contains high-calories and you might want to avoid eating it if you’re in a weight-loss program.

But, should we get rid of this tasteful snack? Well, being high in calories does not mean dark chocolate is less healthy than dairy milk chocolate. Compared to dairy milk, dark chocolate is less in sugar, and that is why it is recommended for those who suffer from diabetes.

In fact, there are several pleasant sides of dark chocolate for your body. Let's take a look, good people!

Low in carbs

Dark chocolate might be higher in calories than the dairy one, but do you know how many carbs in dark chocolate are? 30 gr of dark chocolate only contains 9 gr carbs while the dairy milk chocolate contains around 16 g of carbs. The higher the carbs in food, the easier for you to feel hungry in a short period. That's why dark chocolate is recommended: it might be high in calories, but it makes you full longer. So, it's still worth the place in your diet's foods list, good people.

Lower the risk of heart disease

Good news for the good people who cannot pass even a day without chocolate: it helps you to reduce the risk of a heart attack. A number of studies mention that the flavonoids in dark chocolate can prevent this disease. It is safe to eat at least five portions a week to get these advantages. 

The flavonoids will support the body to produce a substance that helps the blood vessels to relax, and that's why eating dark chocolate can give you a better mood. It's tasty and alleviates depression, so, there is no reason to avoid this food.

Prevent cancer and good for the skin

The cacao plant is rich in antioxidants which carry out a significant role in preventing cancer and help you to look younger. Guess what? That's why many spa packages offer dark-chocolate treatments. As the dark chocolate also contains theobromine, it decreases the blood pressure, which helps to reduce stress.

Dark-chocolate gives a number of advantages to your body and is likely safe. But, keep in mind that every good side comes with the bad sides. Good people, please be aware of some side affects you might get if you eat it too much:

It contains caffeine

Some people are not aware that dark chocolate contains a little caffeine. It might not bring a significant effect like coffee does, but when you consume dark chocolate in a large amount, there are some caffeine-related impacts like sleeplessness and nervousness.

Digestive Allergic

For some people, consuming a large amount of dark chocolate might cause trouble in the digestive system. Some diseases reported due to too much dark-chocolate consumption are constipation, stomach rumbling, and diarrhea.

Skin rash

The chocolate-butter spa is likely safe for many people. The butter itself does not contain a chemical substance, but, for some people with skin allergies such as atopic, the cocoa butter might bring a rash and small bump. If you experience such symptoms, stop using the chocolate treatment and apply mometasone cream. If it’s getting more serious, go find a doctor.

All in all, dark chocolate brings many advantages when consumed in moderation. Now that you know how many carbs in dark chocolate and the advantages it brings, don’t you want to start buying dark chocolate? Or even better, make it by yourself and give it some flavor. We wish you a good day, and happy-making your appetizing chocolate!