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What is the Best Chocolate in Switzerland?

Hello, Good People! How are you doing today? Hopefully, after this horrible pandemic is over, we can go on traveling again. Have you decided on where you want to go?

Speaking of traveling, have you been to Switzerland? There are many beautiful places to visit there. However, a trip to Switzerland is incomplete without tasting their delicious chocolates. If you are a chocolate lover, you might be asking “what is the best chocolate in Switzerland?”

what is the best chocolate in switzerland
Photo by Jess Bailey Designs

There are many chocolate brands in Switzerland, and four of them are on this list. All of these chocolatiers are well-known throughout the country. Do try them out yourself to decide what is the best chocolate in Switzerland:

1.     Sprüngli

This chocolate brand has been making chocolates for 180 years. Sprüngli was first opened in 1859 and became one of the first Swiss chocolatiers that helped the nation to earn the reputation of excellent chocolate products. Their specialty is by not using any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in the making of their truffles and pralines. If you are interested, head to the corner of Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich to buy a box of Sprüngli truffles for a taste of indulgent treats.

2.     Du Rhône Chocolatier

This chocolate brand is located in Geneva and has been making chocolate since 1875. They only use high-quality cocoa beans from West Africa and South America to make incredibly delicious chocolate treats with a variety of flavors. Their products come in a small box of four and a large house assortment box. Du Rhône is famous for three award-winning chocolates: Coline, Imperial, and Mocca Glacé.

3.     Läderach

Läderach is the largest chocolate retailer in Switzerland and known all around the world as an exquisite chocolate brand. It has been operating since 1962 and keeping their quality under control since then. The company is famous for its fresh chocolate blocks and bonbons. As you are shopping for chocolate in Bilten, there is also a self-guided tour with a live demonstration of how Läderach made their chocolates. Be sure to check that out, Good People!

4.     Auer Chocolatier

The name “Auer” comes from the family who runs the chocolate for five generations, making them undoubtedly as one of the best chocolate brands in Switzerland. There are more than 50 varieties of styles and flavors available. Therefore, if you are in Geneva looking for sweet, mild, or high cocoa content chocolates, they got you covered!

After reading the list, what is the best chocolate in Switzerland according to you, Good People? All of them seem to be incredibly delicious. Be sure to try them out on your next trip to Switzerland!

Thanks for checking out this list, Good People. We hope you enjoyed your time reading it. Have a great day!