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Which Country Eats the Most Chocolate?

Hello, Good People! How are you doing today? The quarantine can get boring sometimes, but it's for the best. Are you trying to be productive?

Most people tried to do something productive while they are at home, and that includes learning something new. Activities such as gardening, cooking, and maybe knowing a few new trivia. Did you know which country eats the most chocolate?

which country eats the most chocolate
Photo by Lisa Fotios

Cocoa grows well on the tropical side of the earth, so you may be guessing that the countries in the area are the ones consuming the most. Well, it turns out that the countries in the European region are the top consumers. Here are the top four countries in 2018:

1.     Switzerland

Visiting Switzerland is not complete without tasting their mouth-watering chocolate products. It turns out that not only the tourists who consume and buys the product but the Swiss people as well. Switzerland leads the world's chocolate consumption with 19.4 pounds per capita per year.

Their fame of delicious chocolates makes it a bit obvious that they would consume them for their cravings. Even so, they ensure that the rest of the world does not deprive of their high-quality home-manufactured products.

2.     Germany

Germany is the second top chocolate consumer with 17.8 pounds per capita per year. The Germans love this sweet product, making them as one of the most Swiss chocolate importers. Their favorite type of chocolate is the Alpenmilch-Schokolade, milk chocolate that uses milk from farms located around the Alps. Most Germans buy chocolates as a treat, while the other Germans do it on impulse or just to satisfy their cravings.

3.     Ireland

Below Germany on which country eats the most chocolate, is Ireland. The Irish are into these sweets. They consume 17.4 pounds per capita per year. The country mostly imports chocolate products from the United Kingdom. People in Ireland consider chocolate as a product to enjoy. The reason for that is because of researches that encourage the public to ignore the sugar issues and focus more on the beneficial effects of chocolates.

4.     United Kingdom

The country where Cadbury was found in the 1840s, United Kingdom comes at number four in consuming the most chocolates on earth. The British people consume 16.8 pounds of chocolate confectionery products per capita per year. Most people in the United Kingdom prefer plain chocolate.

What do you think after reading the list of which country eats the most chocolate? It must be surprising for you, Good People. Cocoa does come from a tropical climate, but European countries mostly do the process of turning it into delicious chocolate products.

Thanks for checking out this list, Good People. We hope you learned something new. Have a great day!