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Who Inspired Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

Hello, Good People! How are you doing today? Are you feeling blue? Ice cream may be able to cheer you up!

What ice cream flavor do you like, Good People? There are classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. All of them are delicious! There are also unique flavors, such as durian, chocolate-mint, red velvet, and the infamous chocolate chip cookie dough.

who inspired chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Photo by Somben Chea

The invention of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream made the world a different place. It is an ice cream flavor that can make you eat cookie dough and ice cream in one scoop. Who even thought of that idea? Who inspired chocolate chip cookie dough?

What is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

The chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream flavor was originally found by an ice cream shop named Ben & Jerry's in 1984. It was their first store to open in a gas station of South Burlington, Vermont. It is a vanilla ice cream containing gobs of gooey cookie dough. Even though the vanilla ice cream has its shine of delight, it does not clash with the cookie doughs inside it—making a harmony of sweet and chewy taste.

Who Inspired it?

This flavor was invented by Ben & Jerry's, but who inspired chocolate chip cookie dough? The story began when Ben & Jerrys' first scoop shop hosted a suggestion board. An anonymous fan of them wrote on it, suggesting to mix gobs of cookie dough into their vanilla ice cream. Up to now, no one knows the true identity of that anonymous fan.

How did Ben & Jerry's Respond?

Ben & Jerry's owner responded greatly by having a team for developing chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. Once done, they give it a go and sell them. Their customers ended up loving the newly developed flavor so much. Then, Ben & Jerry's ended up packing their products into pints and selling them in grocery stores.

In 1994, the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor went international and landed in the UK. The British people liked it so much, and they nicknamed it cookie dough. Today, it becomes a fan favorite. In the US alone, over 1.6 million pints were sold every year.

Well, Good People. Now you know who inspired chocolate chip cookie dough flavor ice cream. The anonymous person who suggested it has never been found. The story gives us a valuable lesson to open up for suggestions.

Thank you for reading this article. Why don't you get yourself some ice cream, and enjoy your beautiful day!