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How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs : Pumpkin Spice

Hi Good People! Fall is in the air which means it's time to pull out all of your cozy favorites including these pumpkin spice hot chocolate balms. Welcome back to the Kitchenlatte. Did you know, how to make hot chocolate bombs? Here we go.

how to make pumpkin spice hot chocolate bombs
Photo by Brigitte Tohm 

The process of creating these hot chocolate balms is a fairly simple one. I'm starting off with white almond bark from Walmart. This chocolate comes pre-sectioned into 12 cubes.

Which I find very helpful as one cube is enough to make one hot chocolate balm. So we're going to melt down three cubes to fit into my three hot chocolate balm mold.

Once our chocolate is melted down. We will then need to add our pumpkin spice spices to this chocolate. I created my own mixture comprised of ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves.

I just gently fold this into the chocolate to give it that pumpkin spice flavor. As an alternative, you can purchase already mixed pumpkin spice. Once the chocolate and spices are mixed in well, we are then going to pour the chocolate into our molds.

I find that about one teaspoon of chocolate per mold for this first coating is sufficient enough. You want to use your spoon or whatever tool you want to use to spread the chocolate around evenly and fill in any gaps as much as possible.

Now if you're unable to get it perfectly smooth. No worries as I'm going to show you a simple trick in order to get your chocolate smooth and covering the entire mold.

So the trick here is to shake it, don't break it. As you see here, you just shake the mold and it moves the chocolate and fills in each space, and gives you a nice even coating.

Once all of the cavities are properly coated, you then want to pop this into the freezer or let it sit out to firm and harden. While our chocolate is hardening we are going to get started on creating our pumpkin spice hot chocolate mix.

I'm simply taking salted caramel hot chocolate, and then adding in my special pumpkin spice spices. Once our chocolate is set, we can then go in with a second coating again you want to keep your layers as thin as possible because the thinner your chocolate is the better your hot chocolate balm will work.

Once the second coating has set, you are then able to just pop them out of the mold. I don't run into any issues with the chocolate smudging or melting. And as you can see they're very shiny even smooth and absolutely beautiful.

You might notice that the edges are rough and jagged, but trust me this is what you want. Once your chocolate is out of the mold and it's ready to be put together. You want to heat up a cookie sheet in your oven on the lowest setting.

I find this to be a very safe way, but there are many other options on how you can melt down the edges of your chocolate bombs. So you see me here placing the chocolate onto the hot cookie sheet with a piece of parchment paper over it and then just turning it to a meltdown that chocolate and create a nice smooth edge.

This step is very important because this is going to set you up for success when putting together a perfect hot chocolate ball. I only meltdown the bottom half of my hot chocolate balms, then I go in and fill it with my hot chocolate marshmallows sprinkles and whatever other goodies that I want to put inside of the bombs.