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How to Make White Chocolate Mochas

Recipe for the classic with white chocolate

The White Chocolate Mocha is a coffee drink that the popular coffee house chain Starbucks recently added to its range. The drink is based on a mixture of espresso, milk and syrup.

Noble, white chocolate refines the taste. The consumer has the choice between variations with whipped cream and with fatty or low-fat milk.

how to make white chocolate mochas
Photo by Lorenzo 

The White Chocolate  A Wintry Sweet

The White Chocolate Mocha is a cold coffee that has a mediocre sweetness. After the first sip, the typical aromas of white chocolate unfold. However, there is no "teeth-pulling candy taste" that hard chocolate can trigger.

In the finish, a tart-creamy taste remains on the palate. The White Chocolate Mocha is a perfect companion in the wintertime because the body warms up quickly with the delicious drink.

Those who shake it benefit from a particularly creamy consistency. Overall, the taste of white chocolate is very intense but hardly tangible. Therefore, the coffee variation is well cooled as very refreshing – it tastes very sweet and chocolatey.

When drinking, subtle nuances of vanilla always appear. They give the drink a pleasantly soft touch. While many winter-based varieties traditionally rely on cinnamon, this variant convinces with a vanilla note with a round taste finish. It also impresses with its full taste.

A bitter aroma, on the other hand, is not recognizable – the full chocolate note is rather reminiscent of cocoa.

Recipe of How to Make White Chocolate Mochas - just makes it yourself!

The cool drink is very easy to prepare yourself. For a serving, i.e. a glass of 360 millilitres, you need the following ingredients:

·        30 to 50 millilitres of espresso

·        250 millilitres of milk

·        45 millilitres of white chocolate syrup

Whipped cream or spray cream for decorating

The basic ingredients for this coffee mix are relatively simple. The coffee variation is a mixture of espresso, milk, chocolate syrup and cream. These ingredients only need to be mixed in the right proportions.

Preparation of the White Chocolate

·        Heat the milk slowly (in the cooking pot or microwave).

·        Put the white chocolate syrup in a glass.

·        Pour the hot espresso over the syrup.

·        Fill in the hot milk. The glass edge should be filled up to a maximum of one centimetre.

·        The ingredients mix by themselves, stirring again if necessary.

·        Garnish the drink with whipped cream at will.

·        The White Chocolate Mocha is now ready. Have fun drinking!

Variations of the White Chocolate Mocha

There are countless variations of the aromatic coffee drink. The name derives from the word "mokka" – a type of coffee whose taste is very chocolatey. All coffee specialities have in common that their basic ingredients are the same.

Liquid chocolate, chocolate syrup, hot milk and espresso form the basics for every variation. The majority of the variations also have a milk foam or cream hood. In the case of recipes, the mixing ratios vary in particular.

Recipes that do not rely on chocolate syrup, but on liquid chocolate, get a fuller taste. The intense aromas of espresso and milk give the variation a milder or more bitter taste.

Furthermore, the White Chocolate Mocha is a subvariant of espresso. The same applies to the latte macchiato, which consists of espresso and milk.

The latte macchiato transforms into the slightly sweeter version by adding white chocolate. So it's no wonder that the term "mocha" means "chocolate café".

Some versions of the White Chocolate Mocha are slightly darker than others. This is simply due to the colour of the chocolate used. In addition to the use of pure white chocolate, the use of other types of chocolate is possible.

The taste of white chocolate with pieces of almond swells is immediately transferred to the coffee drink. Experiments of this kind are worthwhile.


Now, that we know how to make white chocolate mochas. The White Chocolate Mocha is a delicious companion in the wintertime. The full-bodied and sweet taste ensures winter enjoyment!