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What is in Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake

Hello there, Good People! How’s it going? Wish for everything’s wonderful even to the slightest. For those who happen to visit somewhere, a safe journey for you.

what is in portillos chocolate cake shake
Photo by Ylanite Koppens 

Planning for going to Chicago in near months or weeks? Do not miss to try out their sugary vices. One of the top wish lists is, of course, the famous dessert by Portillo’s. Yup, the cake shake! Fancy a trip to figure out what is in Portillos chocolate cake shake that makes them one of Chicago’s must-try?

Started from a small hot dog trailer in Chicago, Illinois, Portillo’s are famous for its Chicago-styled hot dogs. Later on, they serve more American’s favorites like Italian beef sandwiches, salads, burgers, crinkle-cut French fries with cheddar cheese sauce, and also chocolate cake. 

You can dine out in their restaurants to experience first place the delicacies. Or else, you can easily spot Portillo’s Beef Bus food trucks in many parts of the Chicagoland area. What’s more? You can also order their iconic Portillo’s chocolate cake shake! 

Okay, grab your spoon or straw and dig it. This sweet treat offers you the rich sensation of ice cream in thick and creamy textures added with chunks of homemade chocolate cake in a milkshake blend.

For your information, Portillo’s chocolate cake is double in layer topped with two-pound chocolate frosting. Want to know another secret, the milkshake has a mayonnaise as one of the ingredients.

So, it won’t surprise you that all you can taste are creaminess and lightness yet well-baked chocolate cake that creates such a fluffy concoction. For first-timer, I bet this kind of frozen dessert combo is going to be a uniquely fresh and unforgettable experience for you.

A sugary bliss to the sweet tooth, Portillo’s serve small and large for this popular chocolate shake. If you’re lucky, you can also find additional flavor in special occasions. For example, during the St. Patrick’s celebration, Portillo’s spoil their chocolate cake shake fans with a mint variant. 

There is good news for those living outside Chicago. Portillo’s has been expanding to several locations like California, Arizona, Florida, and more. So, if you’re still curious about what is in Portillos chocolate cake shake, just visit their stores or drive-thrus.

Big thanks for those reading this article while having your chocolate cake shake. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward.