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What is The Best Way to Melt Chocolate

Melt chocolate - indispensable for delicious desserts such as chocolate mousse or as a glaze for cakes and muffins. We'll show you how to melt chocolate easily.

Basically, we love chocolate in every state. In a piece, liquid and hot from the cup or as creamy ice cream. But nothing goes beyond melted chocolate. You can combine them with all sorts of favorite cakes and desserts.

And what would life be without chocolate mousse, almond squirrels with chocolate, or muffins coated with melted chocolate?

what is the best way to melt chocolate
Photo by Alexandru Georgescu 

What is the best way to melt chocolate? And what you need to melt chocolate?

Melting chocolate is much easier than you think. If you follow a few simple tips, nothing stands in the way of creamy pleasure. All you need is couverture, a bowl, and a pot.

Couverture is called chocolate, which has a higher fat content than normal chocolate and therefore melts better and can be easily processed.

Melt Chocolate - Step 1:

Carefully chop the couverture before the chocolate. This is best done with a heavy, sharp knife.

Melt chocolate -Step 2:

Now, for the chocolate, put the chopped chocolate in a bowl (preferably made of aluminum). Then, for the water bath to melt chocolate, select a pot that is larger than the bowl and fill with water. Heat the water and put the bowl to melt the chocolate on the pot.

Caution: Just add so much water to the pot that the water can't run over the edge if you put the bowl on it! 

Melt chocolate -Step 3:

Now melt the chocolate on the warm water bath, stirring. The couverture should not exceed a temperature of 40 degrees when melting chocolate. 

Melt Chocolate - Step 4:

Once all the chocolate has melted, you can take the bowl from the water bath and process it further. The right temperature for this is between 30 and 33 degrees for bitter chocolate, and between 30 and 32 degrees for milk and white chocolate.

If the temperature drops below these limits, it becomes too viscous for further processing and loses its shine.

Melt chocolate in the microwave

With a little practice, chocolate can also be melted quickly in the microwave. For this purpose, the chocolate is broken into smaller pieces and then placed in a microwave-suitable bowl. Then place the bowl in the microwave for a minute at a maximum of 600 watts and leave to stand briefly, stir, and, if necessary, briefly add to the microwave again.

Now, that we know what is the best way to melt chocolate. So, when are you going to melt your chocolate?