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What Is White Chocolate Made Out Of

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Colors may be a sensitive issue among humans. Thankfully, you do not have to feel that way about chocolate. It is true that plenty still debates on whether white chocolate is real chocolate. Not just the color, but it is also a matter of ingredients.

what is white chocolate made out of
Photo by Melanie Dompierre 

So, what is white chocolate made out of? Why do some people still discriminate it alongside the real brown and dark brown chocolate?

From the Wording Itself

According to dark chocolate purists, the wording itself is already problematic. ‘White’ and chocolate do not go together because most people will automatically think the color brown every time they hear about this sweet snack.

Another issue is the mixture of ingredients that make white chocolate.

How is White Chocolate Made?

So, how is white chocolate made? Yes, cocoa is really part of it. However, cocoa is not solid. Cocoa butter is what makes white chocolate, mixed with dairy products, sugar, vanilla, and a fat emulsifier called lecithin. Because of this, white chocolate is discriminated by the dark chocolate purists.

In other words, even milk chocolate is still treated better than white chocolate. You may argue about cocoa butter. Yes, it is still cocoa, but not as solid as the ingredient to make dark chocolate. Here is how cocoa butter is made:

When cocoa beans are harvested, the extracts are taken out of their pods. Then, these extracts will have to go through a lengthy process. The process includes:

-       Fermentation

-       Drying

-       Roasting

-       Roasting

-       Opening

-       Selling

After that, inside the shell, you can find the chocolate nib. The nib is later grounded into a paste. This is how chocolate liquor. From here, the chocolate liquor is divided into two different forms:

1.     Cocoa solids

Cocoa solids are the providers of the chocolate flavor and the brown color in both dark and milk chocolate.

2.     Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is just fat with not much flavor.

Since cocoa butter does not have much flavor, it is later added with other mixtures to make white chocolate. According to the FDA (Food and Drugs Association), white chocolate contains these mixtures:

-       20% cocoa butter

-       14% of milk solids

-       3.5% milkfat

What makes white chocolate sweeter than dark chocolate? Of course, the answer is sugar and other sweeteners. However, the FDA also advises that those two ingredients must not exceed 55% in the mixtures.

Despite these facts, many choose not to discriminate when it comes to taste. Yes, white chocolate may not be considered real chocolate. If you still like it, why not? There are many things we can also make out of white chocolate. White chocolate mochas are just some of the many.

After knowing what is white chocolate made out of, it is time to learn the next recipe.

How to Make White Chocolate Mochas

White chocolate mocha is the most popular menu based on white chocolate. If you want some, you do not have to go to your local coffee shops or cafes. You can even make your own at home. The steps are easy to follow.

The basic ingredients:

To make white chocolate mochas, you will need:

-       Hot coffee

-       White chocolate

-       Milk

-       Heavy, thick cream

-       Sugar

How to make chocolate mochas (hot):

Here are the three simple steps on how to make hot white chocolate mocha:

  1. Heat milk until it steams on the stove. Drop-in chopped chocolate until it melts completely.
  2. Pour hot coffee into a cup before you add the milk mixture over it. The cup should be able to contain eight ounces of liquid.
  3. After you add sugar, stir everything inside and have a taste once in a while. The taste depends on your preferences. You can have a little bit more sugar for something sweeter. Add some cream for something a little richer.

How to make chocolate mochas (iced):

Here are the three simple steps on how to make iced white chocolate mocha:

  1. Melt sugar and white chocolate in a small amount of milk. You can use a butter warmer if you have any.
  2. Mix your white chocolate combo with cold coffee and a little bit more of milk. If you want it richer, add some heavy cream too. You can make the cold coffee by placing hot coffee in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  3. Once the white chocolate mocha is ready, pour some ice cubes into it. You can add some toppings made of whipped cream and white chocolate sprinkles.

Now you know what is white chocolate made out of. You also know how to make white chocolate mochas—both hot and cold. Once again, when you like what you taste, let’s not discriminate.

Hopefully, you have plenty of sweet treats with your family.