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Why Does Hershey's Chocolate Taste of Vomit?

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I find something quite gripping while scrolling through my twitter's feed as it mentioned about Hershey's chocolates. There's one of the people wrote that they taste like puke, followed by couples of agreed comments. It makes me wonder, why does Hershey's chocolate taste of vomit

why does hershey's chocolate taste of vomit
Photo by Ekrulila 

Who doesn't know Hershey's bars in the United States? Americans' favorite, they are iconic and classic at the same time. Dating back to their proud history, they refer themselves as the "The Great American Chocolate Bar".

Outside of America, unfortunately, most people (or chocolate fans) often find that Hershey's offer quite different to distinctive taste. People are more prone to European chocolates come from Switzerland or Belgium, for example.

What is in the Hershey's chocolates that make people say their taste is quite revolting then? At first, Hershey's founder used dehydrated sour milk as one of the secret ingredients. It turned out that people love it.

The experts have the theory that Hershey's company has substituted the sour milk with what-so-called butyric acid to maintain a similar taste to their chocolate bars. For some people, it somewhat resembles the gone-off taste that gives the reaction why does Hershey's chocolate taste of vomit.

It is this substance that gives the acrid smell and acidic taste found in vomit. How to describe it? You can imagine it as the mixture of stale sour butter and Parmesan cheese here.

Where does butyric acid come? According to the experts, this substance comes from a particular process of breaking down the fatty acids of the milk. It also serves to stabilize the milk, preventing a further fermentation.

That's what Americans associate Hershey's chocolates with the familiar tangy flavor. As to other international chocolate lovers, the flavor is sourer to revolting one.

Do you see eye to eye with their opinion? I think it's a matter of preference. Widely popular in the United States, Hershey's chocolates indeed gain less recognition globally. It's not only 'why does Hershey's chocolate taste of vomit' but it's also a matter of milk, cocoa solids, and sugar composition.

Thanks a million for reading, I do appreciate it. Stay healthy and happy till we meet again, Good People.