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PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition - Which PS5 Should You Buy?

The PS5 and PS5 digital edition are identical consoles when it comes to the performance and specifications of the system. Both versions of the PS5 have the same graphics card and a central processing unit.

So actual in-game performance won't be any difference whatsoever. Both consoles also use an 825 gigabyte SSD, with a raw speed of 5.5 gigabytes per second making it the fastest console available.

ps5 price

The largest difference between the features of the two consoles is obviously the existence of the disk drive. The digital PS5 does not have a 4k blu-ray player, meaning that you cannot watch disk-based content or play disc-based games.

Everything has to be done directly on the console and via the PlayStation store or internet browser.

The standard PS5 costs 499 us dollars or 449 british pounds. Whilst a digital PS5 costs you only 399 us dollars or 359 pounds. So that means having the disk drive is going to add an extra 100 us dollars to the price you're paying for the system.

You're probably thinking at this point that the digital edition is therefore clearly the best way to go then if you don't care about the 4k blu-ray player, but that may not necessarily be the case at all.

If you want to purchase a game on a PlayStation store, then you have to make that purchase at that set price. And you have to then keep that game on your account forever.

Let's say for instance you want to purchase the ultimate edition of spider-man miles morales on your PS5. You're going to end up paying 70 us dollars on the PS Store. Play for the game and then you have no other choice but to keep it.

If you were to own the disc-based game though and the physical console to use a disc with, you would have a larger choice of places to purchase the game from in the first place.

Potentially allowing you to get it at a lower initial price and you would also be able to then sell the disc after you are done with the game or trade it in at a store to get some of your money back on your purchase.

In addition to disk-based games potentially being cheaper to buy and also giving you the opportunity to make some of that money back. They also take up a lot less storage space on the console.

As we previously mentioned both versions of the PS5 have 825 gigabytes SSD included, with next-gen game sizes that's really not too much.

Using spider-man as an example again the ultimate edition is at least 105 gigabytes which give you miles morales and the remaster of a 2018 game along with its DLC.

So you aren't going to be able to fit that many games on the console itself especially when downloaded digitally. If you buy the game on a disk most of the game will be stored there with only updates and some files being stored directly on the console storage.

So if physically owned games you might see your PS5 fill up at a slower rate. If you do fill it up though then you can also expand the storage using a second SSD slot inside the console itself.

But we still have a lot more to learn on that just know about this type of storage expansion and won't be cheap. So which version of the console should you actually buy.

Well here's my verdict if you do care about a 4k blu-ray player, then you should of course go for a physical edition without question.

Well if you don't then only by the physical edition if you don't have an internet connection, you feel you get most of your games on disk. You regularly sell your games once you're done with them.

You think you would make that 100 back from using physical games instead. And you would probably want to make the most out of the available storage space in the system.

So if any of those listed do apply to you then the physical edition is probably your best choice. Personally, I do have a physical edition pre-ordered simply because I would just like that 4k blu-ray player to be able to watch 4k content from.

It is also worth mentioning that if you have a lot of ps4 disc games. You won't be able to play those on the digital version of a PS5. And you'll only be able to play the ps4 games that you own digitally.

The digital edition is ever so slightly smaller in width it weighs 600 grams less than a standard model and also uses 10 watts less power.

The final thing that may change which you purchase is if you game shares all of your games with somebody. Assuming this is a possible feature on the PS5 like it is on ps4. You can only do this with digitally-based games.

So unless you do want that 4k blu-ray player so bad for watching things then everything you buy will be done through the PlayStation store anyway. So there are zero reasons for you to buy the standard model of the next generation system if you do intend on game sharing.

Now you have hopefully decided on which you want to get your hands on. How can you pre-order it well stock for PS5 ran out in literally seconds but the stock does keep coming back in momentarily and PlayStation has promised that more pre-orders will be available in the coming days.

So, which version of a PS5 you would like to get?