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How Many Carbs in A Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Hello Good People! How's your autumn? Having a healthy blast time and be ready for the upcoming season? Yes, winter is just around the corner.

The thought makes me crave for fresh baked cookies, chocolate chip cookies. Crunchy or chewy, I love them both. Everyone's favorite! But, has it ever crossed your mind about how many carbs in a chocolate chip cookie?

how many carbs in a chocolate chip cookie
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Before getting down to numbers, what's your favorite chocolate chip cookies anyway? The traditional ones? The soft ones? The rich ones with chocolate filling? The low fat or low carb ones? Or even the vegan ones?

I'm sure that most of you know the main ingredients for this drop cookie. You can enjoy them in small, medium, large, and even jumbo sizes full of sweet or semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Regardless of your preference, chocolate chip cookies offer energy and comfort at the same time. Enjoying your 'me time' escapism? Warm chocolate chip cookies are all you need. Spend your time with your family? It won't be complete without these sweet treats.

Okay, let's go back to the question: how many carbs in a chocolate chip cookie? In the average percentage, a chocolate chip cookie contains 55% carbs. To put it in grams, one serving size (or about 45g) consists of 30g carbohydrates. Of the total, it breaks down into 29g net carbs, 18g sugar, and 1g fiber.

Have you tried other types like higher fat chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chip cookie with margarine, chocolate chip cookie with cocoa powder or chocolate dough? The list can go even longer to diet or low fat (or even low carb) ones. 

Not to forget the vegan version I've shortly mentioned above. Passed down from generations, homemade and store-bought chocolate chip cookies have experienced changes.

As part of the new trend of vegan living, everything is vegan for homemade chocolate chip cookies, such as the margarine, chocolate chips, egg substitution, and the like. It happens with the store-bought chocolate chip cookies as well. They grow in variations. Worry not, they offer complete written nutrient information. 

By looking at those influential factors, no wonder you can expect for different carb quantity in each chocolate chip cookie you bite. 

Well, we're reaching the end of this sharing of how many carbs in a chocolate chip cookie. Many thanks for setting aside your precious time to read. Hopefully, you may find it helpful. Stay safe and remember 'a cookie a day keeps the sadness away'!