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Which Chocolatier is Credited with the Idea Of Gifting Chocolate On Valentine's Day?

 Hello, Good People. How are you? What is your plan for Valentine's Day? Are you going to celebrate it with your loved ones? Will you celebrate it with a box of chocolate?

How did this tradition start? Of course, it was not by random. Who started it? Which chocolatier is credited with the idea of gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day?

what is the best chocolate candy for valentine's day
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Meet Richard Cadbury

You have probably bought plenty of Cadbury chocolate bars. Who is not familiar with its purple wrapper and the richness of its milk chocolate? A box of heart-shaped chocolate also makes a nice, romantic Valentine's Day present.

Meet the creator, Richard Cadbury. If you want to know which chocolatier is credited with the idea of gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day, he is the one. It started in the 1800s. His British family was trying to figure out a way to utilize cocoa butter. Cocoa butter was extracted when creating chocolate liquor.

Richard Cadbury decided to try something more economical, but the chocolate must still taste really good. Back then, chocolate had been known to be expensive that only the wealthy could afford to purchase it. He came up with the idea of packing chocolate in heart-shaped boxes, adorned with red roses and cupid.

Roses and cupid have been known to be symbols of romance. They are often seen on Valentine's Day, every February 14. Apparently, Richard's marketing strategy had gone really successful. Cadbury chocolate in heart-shaped boxes had been sold out. From here, the tradition later continued to this day.

Meet Milton Hershey and Russell Stover

However, was it Richard Cadbury the only who came up with this tradition of gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day?

If you love Hershey's Kisses, do not forget Milton Hershey. In 1907, Milton came up with the idea of producing chocolate in the shape and size of 'kisses' drops. These unique shape of chocolate candy also sells big time every Valentine's Day.

Then, who was Russell Stover? She was the chocolatier who linked chocolate with the idea of romance through heart-shaped boxes. With her husband, Stover started selling chocolate in heart-shaped boxes in 1923. The best-selling one was their 'Secret Lace Heart'. The box was covered in black lace and satin.

From the year, which chocolatier is credited for gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day? The answer is of course Richard Cadbury.

The next question is, what is the best chocolate for Valentine's Day?

What is the Best Chocolate for Valentine's Day?

Hmm, for chocolate lovers, that can be one tricky question. We have already mentioned Cadbury and Hershey, but is it the best? What is the best chocolate candy for Valentine's Day, at least for this year of 2021?

Check out the list below and find out which one is yours.

1.     Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Valentine's Day Heart

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you can never go wrong with this Godiva product. A pink, heart-shaped box of 20 different chocolate candies is more than enough for two. You and your partner have a lot of options, from rich dark chocolate to wrapped up truffles.

2.     Tara's Gourmet Sea Salt Caramel

If you are looking for something different this Valentine's Day, Tara's Gourmet Sea Salt Caramel is a perfect option. Taste the perfect mixture of saltiness from the sea salt and the extra sweet of caramel. It may come in a jar instead of a heart-shaped box, but it is still definitely worth it. Watch out for the stickiness in your teeth, though.

3.     DOVE Valentine's Assorted Chocolate Candy Heart Gift Box

This is one of the best chocolate for Valentine's Day. It is even better if the box is reusable. Inside this tin heart, you will find 24 chocolate pieces with many flavors. Are you up for chocolate caramels, dark chocolate hearts, or milk truffles? They are all in it.

4.     Beauty Bar Chocolate

What is the best chocolate candy for Valentine's Day? Beauty Bar Chocolate can answer that for you. Not only it contains a dark chocolate bar, but it is also healthy as well. It consists of collagen that can make your hair, skin, and nails healthy. This makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who needs some self-love.

5.     Lindt Chocolate Swiss Luxury Selection

Care for a classy Valentine's Day gift? This Swiss luxury collection has plenty of unique flavors too. In this golden box, you can find pralines of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even white chocolate. One box consists of 14 pieces, and each bite is worth savoring for.

6.     Hershey's Kisses

Last but not least, of course, Hershey's Kisses should be on this list. Each piece is made of dark chocolate with a surprise center from gooey chocolate. Just like the shape, place this piece between your mouth, and it feels like you are giving a sweet kiss.

Good People, now you know which chocolatier is credited with the idea of gifting chocolate on Valentine's Day. Not only that, you also know the best chocolate for Valentine's Day.

Thank you for reading and have a sweet Valentine.