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Which Chocolate Bars are Vegan?

Good people, how are you doing? Do you still crave chocolate? Chocolate is as delightful as gods' meals, that is why it possesses the Latin name Theobroma cacao, which means the food of the gods. Most chocolate features milk, some of them are vegan. But, which chocolate bars are vegan, and where to buy them?

There are some vegan chocolate brands you can easily find in the online market, if you are a vegetarian or just want to get a healthy life through food choices! Let's experience their unique tastes!

where to buy vegan chocolate
Photo by Anete Lusina

VGAN Dark Chocolate

VGAN is a vegan chocolate specialist that offers you various delicious chocolate tastes and features real fruit. It has a perfect blend of 90% cacao and other free-gluten ingredients. The best taste most people love is grapefruit and chia.

The grapefruit will burst in your mouth, and the chia itself is so crunchy and makes you full for a longer time. For a healthier body and a better mood, you must try this!

But, where to buy vegan chocolate of this kind? You can buy it online at its official website. They'll ship your order the chocolate factory in Chicago, but unfortunately if you live outside USA, they don't do international shipping.

Purdy's Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar

This vegan dark chocolate bar is a present you deserve to have. Packaged in purple and transparent plastic, this chocolate bar offers you a playful look. Purdy's Vegan Bar is a nice present you can give for the kids, plus, it is healthy and reduces the possibility of obesity in the future. A good choice for the kids and you! Go to their official website for purchase.

Green and Black's Organic Chocolate

Do you crave for a bar of chocolate with premium design? The answer lies in Green and Black's Organic Chocolate. Packaged with the black paper and embossed with gold fonts, this bar of chocolate is a perfect pick either as a present for yourself or your loving one.

It contains 85% of cocoa, which makes it less sugar and rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are good for the blood vessels and rich in antioxidants that will help you to reduce the cancer risk and make you look younger. You can buy this 85% pure cocoa at Amazon.

Chocolate Inspirations Raspberry Bar

Such a lovely experience to taste the combination of chocolate and raspberry in a bite. The product from Chocolate Inspirations is not only made for the vegans but also for those who want to try the ultimate advantages of the chocolate. Do you know that the raspberry is high in antioxidants and good for the skin? This Chocolate Inspirations' product is a great thing to value yourself. You can also buy Raspberry Inspiration from online stores.

Endangered Species Strong and Velvety Dark Chocolate

The product is a tasty campaign to remind us about how we must protect the endangered species. The packaging is embossed with the silhouette of various endangered species the human must pay attention of. 

For the chocolate itself, the Endangered Species provides a rich and premium 85% dark chocolate. The bar also contains no milk and no cholesterol. It's a perfect match for a cup of coffee in the morning!

Where to buy vegan chocolate of this kind? You can order it from Amazon.

Alter Eco Organic Chocolate Bar

Besides providing the dairy milk chocolate from the grass-fed cows of Switzerland, Alter Eco also produces the organic chocolate bar, which is vegan-friendly and rich in cocoa. The collection of Alter Eco Organic Chocolate offers various appealing tastes such as cherry, coffee, and quinoa. The dark chocolate is bitter, but with the delightful taste choices, it becomes tastier! Would you love to try it by yourself?

Where to buy the vegan chocolate from Alter Eco? Visit their official website for purchase.

Good people, now you know which chocolate bars are vegan and where to buy them. They are easy to find and quite affordable. For you who suffer from diabetes, vegan chocolate is also a good option. Have a nice day, and do not forget to buy your preferred chocolate.