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What are The 4 Types of Chocolate?

 Hello, Good People, how are you doing? How many types of chocolate do you know?

While all chocolate looks similar, actually there are at least 4 types of chocolate in the market. What are the 4 types of chocolate?

what type of chocolate is Ferrero Rocher

The chocolate is divided into several types based on taste, appearance, and ingredients on the inside. If you want to buy chocolate, make sure you choose chocolate based on the type that you like. 

The following are various types of chocolate that exist in the market. Let's read and know what are the 4 types of chocolate better!

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate or dairy chocolate is the most common type of chocolate in the market. The percentage of cocoa in chocolate is usually less than 50%. This chocolate is high in calories, high in sugar, and not recommended for people with diabetes or cholesterol. Milk chocolate is usually the cheapest because it contains very little cockroach, and it's also a product that kids love.

You might also have heard of Ferrero Rocher and wondering what type of chocolate is Ferrero Rocher?

Ferrero rocher is a premium chocolate brand with a delicious taste that is loved by many chocolate people. Ferrero rocher is usually served at formal occasions such as parties or banquets with important people. 

Fererro Rocher is milk chocolate, which is characterized by high milk ingredients and usually also contains sugar, so it tastes sweet.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate or plain chocolate is chocolate with a distinctive bitter taste and offers you the ultimate advantage of cocoa. It also features less additional ingredients.

Usually, dark chocolate sold in the market contains 50% to 90% cocoa, and the rest is milk, a little sugar, or cocoa butter. 

Dark chocolate is very healthy, has a high antioxidant content, and is suitable for consumption for those of you with high cholesterol. 

It is high in calories, but it is low in fat and also low in sugar.

Dark chocolate is commonly used to make homemade chocolate because it has a neutral taste and is easy to shape.

White Chocolate

Cocoa is dark brown. Then how can he produce a product like white chocolate? The secret lies in the cocoa butter. White chocolate is usually made with ingredients of cocoa butter, sugar, and cream milk powder or skim milk powder. The taste of white chocolate is very sweet and like vanilla condensed milk.


White chocolate is also often used as a base for making homemade chocolate because it is easy to color and add a variety of flavors such as strawberry, coffee, and so on. Do you like chocolate that is not bitter with a light taste? Then white chocolate is the right answer.

However, if you are on a diet and have a history of diabetes, you should avoid this chocolate because it is not good for your health.

Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate is the most recent chocolate flavor variant he discovered in 2017 and is not made of ordinary chocolate fruit.

It is made of ruby ​​cocoa, which is very rare and expensive. That is the reason why chocolate ruby ​​is only sold on a limited basis and has a high price. Ruby cocoa produces a bitter, sweet, and sour taste and is purple as if it were a mixture of milk and raspberries. For those of you who want to try new experiences with chocolate, ruby ​​chocolate is worth buying. 

Ruby chocolate may be challenging to find in supermarkets, but you can buy it in online stores. Many people sell plain ruby ​​chocolate, milk ruby ​​chocolate, and ruby ​​chocolate topped with dried fruit. Which one do you love the most, good people?

You already know what type of chocolate is Ferrero Rocher and what are the 4 types of chocolate. It is nice to know many kinds of chocolate because you can have other options than regular milk chocolate. Enjoy the good time having them at home!