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Kim Seon Ho Hospitalized Twitter

Kim Seon Ho Hospitalized - Reports have spread out throughout Twitter on various other online community systems saying that star Kim Seon Ho is presently in the hospital.

Kim Seon Ho Hospitalized Twitter
Inning accordance with online reports on October 22, Kim Seon Ho is said to be hospitalized at a college hospital close to Seongbuk-gu. Additionally, some netizens declared that information reporters are presently waiting in the entrance hall of the hospital, wishing to capture a peek of Kim Seon Ho or possibly ask him interview questions.

One confidential post said, "They say that the information reporters are all crowded in the entrance hall business room on the second flooring of K**** U******** hospital. An individual is attempting to rest in personal privacy, but those garbage reporters simply need to obtain a meeting regardless of what. Makes me so crazy."

Another netizen angrily specified, "Garbage reporters. All for your stupid interview, you are mosting likely to risk out at a hospital throughout COVID, triggering difficulty for individuals that are undergoing one of the most challenging times, the health care employees? Is Kim Seon Ho the just individual at that hospital? Do you have no respect for the various other clients? Because of COVID, individuals can't also visit their families and associates in the hospital properly. Well done kekekekeke."

On the other hand, previously today on October 20, Kim Seon Ho issued a main apology via his tag Salt Entertainment for the debate bordering his connection with his ex-girlfriend.

Presently, the information that Kim Seon Ho is hospitalized after current debates over his private life has triggered a mix amongst netizens.

Reports are spreading out on Twitter as well as various other social media systems saying that Kim Seon Ho is presently in the hospital. Accordingly, Kim Seon Ho is said to be hospitalized at a college hospital close to Seongbuk-gu on Oct 22. The reason for hospitalization has not been cleared up. 

Reports of Kim Seon Ho being hospitalized for unidentified factors made netizens confused. Salt Entertainment - the actor's management company didn't give any reaction to this report. Formerly, the man lead of Home town Cha Cha Cha was implicated of requiring his sweetheart to have an abortion, often slandering and disparaging associates and co-stars. On October 20, Kim Seon Ho composed a letter, formally recognized all the allegations, and apologized to his sweetheart, the audience, and those affected by this scandal.

The private life scandal also triggered the star to take out from entertainment programs as well as put on hold all his future jobs. Is Kim Seon Ho Hospitalized? Update this information on Twitter.