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Kim Seon Ho Latest News Twitter

 Kim Seon Ho Latest News - SALT Entertainment as Kim Seon Ho's agency has closed down the reports regarding the actor's contract.

Kim Seon Ho Latest News Twitter
Inning accordance with a Soompi record on Friday, the company said Seon Ho had a complete year left on his contract and the report connecting his current debate to his contract revival settlements was incorrect. Update Kim Seon Ho latest news on Twitter.

"The report about his contract expiring in September is groundless and totally false," the company said. "Contract revival settlements typically begin when there are 3 months left on an agreement, but [Kim Seon Ho] presently has a year left to go, so it isn't also time for us to be negotiating an agreement revival yet."

After the debate including his previous sweetheart erupted, reports began to distribute online that his contract with Salt Entertainment expired in September and he was negotiating for a revival.

Inning accordance with the record, an confidential individual that declared to be an acquaintance of Seon Ho said the company had conspired with his ex-girlfriend to produce problems for the star.

SALT Entertainment also highlighted that it intended to stick to the star until completion.

"We'll be remaining with [Kim Seon Ho] until completion," it said.

On Oct. 18, the same day his hit dramatization collection "Home town Cha Cha Cha" aired its last episode, records were launched about an confidential lady concealing under the name "A" that posted in an on the internet community that star "K" forced her to have an abortion on the incorrect promise of marital relationship.

Although the post didn't mention any names, many speculated that the star was Kim Seon Ho.

The following day, Salt Entertainment issued a declaration saying it was carrying out an examination on the issue.

On Wednesday, Seon Ho launched through the company an apology for his ex-girlfriend and everybody that sustained him, without confirming neither rejecting the allegations.

The star said he was "seeing her with great feelings. Because process, I hurt her because of my rude activities and negligence."

Following his apology, Seon Ho, that increased to popularity with his role in the 2020 hit collection "Start-Up," left the KBS variety entertainment program "2 Days & 1 Night" Period 4. He was also removed from 2 of his approaching movies.

It was also reported that several brand names endorsed by the star had removed him from their official networks.

On Friday, the ex-girlfriend issued an apology after her exposé. She said she had received an apology and "there were some components that were a misunderstanding."

Inning accordance with a Soompi record, the confidential woman's attorneys said she would certainly be taking lawsuit versus fatality risks and invasions on her personal privacy. This article is about Kim Seon Ho latest news for today.