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Virus Respiratori Neonati in Italia

 Virus Respiratori Neonati - There's an alarm system for the respiratory syncytial virus epidemic that's impacting very children throughout Italy, with pediatric wards and extensive treatment in hospitals overflowing with babies and infants with bronchiolitis and pneumonia triggered by the virus. In Padua there are 16 small clients, 4 of which intubated in extensive treatment, "at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome 10 are hospitalized, which 2, simply one month old, in extensive treatment, but also in the various other areas the circumstance is comparable.

Virus Respiratory Neonati
"An epidemic arrived 2 months very early", records Fabio Midulla, head of state of the Italian Society for Childhood Respiratory Diseases (Simri), full professor of Pediatric medicines at Sapienza College and head of the pediatric emergency clinic at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome , listened to by Adnkronos Salute. Virus respiratory neonati attacks Italy.

"The virus - he explains - if contracted in the first months of a child's life, causes serious forms of bronchiolitis, with medical symptoms in the lower respiratory system, while in older children and grownups it resolves with mild signs, such as nasopharyngitis, high temperature or coughing. But babies are often protected by maternal antibodies that are 'transmitted' through the placenta.

This time around, however, it wasn't so - keeps in mind the expert - and the epidemic that usually shows up in December-January damaged out 2 months in advance.. We expected this because for a year and a fifty percent the virus didn't distribute many thanks to the anti-Covid measures (hand cleaning, masks and social distancing). But as quickly as these measures were relaxed, the older brother or sisters returned to kindergarten or at institution, and with a populace without antibodies, the virus started to distribute, instantly and previously compared to usual, and is giving major forms in the very young ".

The doctor remembers that there's no specific injection versus the respiratory syncytial virus (Rsv - Respiratory syncytial virus), but "there are 3 tests in stage III of vaccines for moms and treatments with monoclonal antibodies, however, indicated just for early infants and especially delicate, such as heart clients ". Because they stand for a resource of contamination, Waiting on maternal vaccines, "therefore, the main tool remains avoidance - defines Midulla - which is composed of preventive measures such as hand cleaning, masks, non reusable handkerchiefs to constantly include the trash, distancing when it comes to a ill older sibling and not sending out the children to institution before they are recovered ",.

But what do infants risk, particularly those that wind up in intensive care? "Thankfully - explains Head of state Simri - the risk of fatality, unlike in developing nations, is very reduced in Italy, but the virus can leave long-term damage, beginning with the development of adult bronchial asthma, which occurs in 50% of situations. Without failing to remember - wraps up the expert - that dealing with these children, that inhabit beds in pediatric wards and in critical care unit, stands for an extremely high cost for culture, throughout hospitalization, but also later on. And to say that it would certainly suffice constantly follow simple rules of health ". Hope virus respiratori neonati in Italia disappears soon.