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Best Chocolate in New York - Brooklyn Chocolate Tour

Everyone loves chocolate. Do you know where the best chocolate comes from? Is it new york? So, this is one of the best chocolate in New York. Let's find out.

The Brooklyn Chocolate Tour is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. You get to see different parts of Brooklyn, such as Valentino Pier, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, Carroll Gardens and Gowanus, but of course, the best is the chocolate tastings! They visit chocolatiers, some of which are also known from the Food Network, Cooking Channel & Travel Channel. On the way, you even make a stop for a slice of pizza to tickle the palate.

Best Chocolate in New York

The best chocolatiers of Brooklyn

You leave Manhattan and drive to Brooklyn, where you will go to the best addresses for chocolate. The first stop of the tour is in DUMBO (= neighborhood in Brooklyn and abbreviation for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), here you can visit one of the best chocolatiers in the USA. You can expect treats such as chocolate macadamias, blueberries in chocolate, and Chocolate Cheerios™.

After the tasting, we continue to the Chocolate Room, where you can give in to your chocolate cravings. By the way, the three-layer chocolate cake is an absolute favorite of Oprah Winfrey. So there's no way around this cake, you get it served as a cupcake along with a cup of hot chocolate.

Raaka Chocolate and Li-Lac Chocolates

Before you head to the next chocolatier, you'd have the opportunity to walk across Valentino Pier – a real insider tip in Brooklyn. Then go to Raaka Chocolate! This company prides itself on producing organic "virgin chocolate". Not only are you allowed to taste the delicious creations, but you can also see in the factory how the chocolate is made, packaged, and shipped.

The last stop is at Li-Lac Chocolates, one of New York's oldest chocolatiers. Li-Lac Chocolates produces high-quality chocolate and is known for its special chocolate molds. You can taste the most popular chocolates, such as hazelnut truffles and chocolate bars with almonds. Here, too, you can take a look at the factory where the chocolate is handmade.

Practical information

After booking, you will receive an e-mail voucher, which you can either print out or show on your smartphone. It is your ticket for the tour.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure point: Union Square
  • Departure time: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11 a.m.
  • You will receive two samples at each of the four stops
So how, have you ever tried the best chocolate in new york? I hope you can have this chocolate soon.

FYI: I love pizza, but of course, I couldn't say no to this chocolate tour. And I have to say, I was positively surprised! Not only did I taste the different types of chocolate taste, but I also learned a lot about making chocolate and was there live. You have plenty of time in the shops to try things and buy your favorites. You get to see parts of Brooklyn that you don't normally visit as a tourist and also get a slice of pizza.

The Mast Brothers - Brooklyn's Chocolate Side

Rick and Michael Mast are chocolatiers of conviction. At their Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn, the two make and pack all their chocolate bars by hand.

Red beards are her trademark. One is wearing horn glasses. The Mast Brothers are undoubtedly a showpiece hipster. No wonder, one might say, the two are from Brooklyn – the New York borough can confidently be described as the secret capital of all hipsters. But the Mast Brothers have more to offer because they belong to the so-called foodies. That man who loves good food and wants to know where it comes from, what is in it, and how to prepare it. This is how her idea came about to make the best chocolate from hand-picked organic and fair trade cocoa beans, from which they have not left since 2007.

With their concept, Rick (39) and Michael Mast (37) not only fulfilled the childhood dream of their own chocolate factory a la Willy Wonka. Their own ambition and curiosity turned the two chocolate artists into par excellence and they combine the traditional chocolate production of that time with new, unusual recipes. Chocolate creations with ingredients such as sea salt or pepper, goat's milk or olive oil and last but not least smoked or herbs-enriched chocolate testify to their creativity.

It is not always easy to run a business together as a brother couple, the two know to report: "There is certainly no one in the world with whom you fight harder than with your brother. But there's no one you fight harder for than your brother," says Rick, who is wearing horn glasses, one of Mast Brothers' key success factors.

Handicraft as a premise

The others are perfection, sustainability, and absolute love for genuine handicrafts. They determine the work of Rick and Michael, who consciously produce only in small quantities and without additives such as coconut butter, vegetable oil, and preservatives. Away from mass production to an incredible amount of attention to detail, this is the motto of the brothers, whose business in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg district is not to be missed. When the doors of the simple and elegant shop are open, you can smell the scent of toasted cocoa beans all the way down the street.

There are other small businesses in the neighborhood, which are again increasingly relying on traditional crafts and thus opening doors at the Mast Brothers. Like the bookbinder around the corner, which also prints the packaging of the chocolate for the brothers by hand and with an old printing press. The individual patterns that decorate the packaging come from the idea kitchen of the masts. The designs of the current 2016 chocolate collection, for example, are determined by abstract geometric shapes and patterns inspired by sculptures and architecture of the 1970s and 1980s.

Chocolate for top chefs

The high-quality standards of the Mast Brothers themselves and their chocolate have quickly spread in the gastro scene and now many of the best chefs in the world are relying on the products of the two Brooklyn natives. In New York alone, chefs such as Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, and Daniel Humm use the chocolate of the two to refine their dishes and praise them in their cookbooks.

Mast Brothers Chocolate for sale

Mast Brothers now has stores in Brooklyn, London, and Los Angeles, where you can also take part in chocolate workshops. The online shop of Mast Brothers is shipped all over the world.

But the hippest would be if you visit Rick and Michael Mast directly in their Brooklyn store.

Find Mast Brothers in Brooklyn